Why choose Kravos & Guadagno dental practice?

For the smile you’ve dreamed of

Kravos & Guadagno dental practice offers treatments in a safe environment using cutting-edge technology to meet your every need, whether for your dental health or for purely aesthetic reasons. We give you the smile you’ve dreamed of.

We research, select, and master the very best technology on the market to give you the best treatments possible! Find out more.

I want to feel safe

Our dedicated tool sterilization area is a fundamental part of our studio, guaranteeing patient safety and hygiene. We respect all protocols and use two Type B next-generation autoclaves, as well as an innovative Multisteril Fast machine.

A dentist for the whole family

At our dental practice, we carry out all types of treatment for both children and adults. Our curated team of professionals are experts in dental hygiene treatment and cures.

That’s why an appointment at Kravos & Guadagno means finding a Trieste-based dentist you can trust with your own dental health and with your family’s

Made-to-measure, just for you.

For hard workers

Many of you have requested a quiet space where you can work in peace, if you arrive early for your appointment or if something urgent comes up. That way, time spent in our waiting room is never wasted!

For children

Long waits are hard enough for adults, let alone young children; we’ve created a play area with a mix of electronic and traditional toys. When they’re happy, you’re happy!


During a chance meeting in 2009, Francesco and Simone immediately formed a deep personal and professional connection.

It was this friendship that led to the launch of Kravos & Guadagno dental practice. We’re a close-knit team; we feel more like a big family!

The answer to your questions (and to other people’s!)

We’ve created a page dedicated to our patients’ most frequently asked questions.

What can you expect from your first appointment at Kravos & Guadagno?

Your first appointment is a totally novel experience from the moment you make the booking to the moment you step through the door. Our friendly, dedicated staff will take care of everything, down to the tiniest detail, allowing you to completely relax as you take care of your oral health.

Watch our video!

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