Are missing teeth making you uncomfortable? Is a wobbly tooth making you feel unstable?

It’s never too late to get your smile back!

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Attention, patient relationship, and cutting edge come together in order to present you with the best possible solution



We analyze every possible solution that can save your tooth, prior to any invasive surgery


In our practice, the patient is considered in the round and is treated as a friend from the first time of admission.


The state-of-the-art instrumentation we are equipped with allows us to give you the highest accuracy at all times.

Have you lost one, or more, dental elements within your mouth? Unfortunately, it is a fairly common problem that can occur due to poor care, untreated tooth decay over time, or again, a disease that acts silent but can cause major damage-I am talking about periodontitis.


Gum disease is an asymptomatic condition, and is the primary cause of tooth loss. It directly affects the gums, causing them to retreat so much that they cause the tooth, which no longer has a solid “foundation”, to fall out. Many suffer from this condition, learning to simply live with it and forcing themselves to make peace with the idea of a mouth without teeth. This is a big mistake.

Why? Because other than aesthetic discomfort, the loss of one tooth can lead to the loss of others, as well as causing digestive issues further down the line. In fact, the digestive process begins with our mouth, where our teeth are tasked with “grinding” our food, preparing for it to be correctly ingested. If this task isn’t carried out properly, our body can run into issues over the years, manifesting as diseases which, when left untreated, can become chronic. That’s why we recommend booking regular check-ups to rectify these issues in time, finding the correct treatment for your needs.


At our dental practice, we take care of more than just your teeth. Our patients come first, and are treated as friends from the moment they step through the door. The relationship we build with our patients allows us to fully understand the issues in their mouth, carefully selecting the right course of treatment.

Our job is to accompany the patient along this journey, helping them to find the right solution for their oral health without ever forgetting the aesthetic aspect of dental treatment. In this way, we create a true connection with each of our patients.


Simone and Francesco have decidedly different personalities, but are united by a professional goal: to establish a sense of joy and calm in their patients during their appointments, allowing them to view a trip to the dentist as time spent with a friend. That’s why Francesco and Simone chose to set up their practice, which is constantly growing, satisfying the professional objectives of the entire team and motivating the pursuit of reliability, safety, and quality in all services they offer.



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    How much does it cost?

    The cost of a dental implant varies according to the type of denture. Because this is a surgical treatment, there are many variables which can affect the susceptibility to bone regeneration and other conditions which must be carefully evaluated using a 3D scanner. There are also a variety of techniques used to insert dentures; these depend on the bone and on the position in the mouth. Because of this, it’s difficult to accurately estimate a quote during the first appointment, and will require further economic analysis. The cost of this treatment cannot be standardized without providing an ample margin.

    Are dental implants the right solution for me?

    This is an important question. After decades of bone-integrated implants, it’s become evident that this type of prosthetic treatment does not have the same outcome in every mouth. There are a number of variables relating to the general health of the patient, any traces of gum disease, or tooth grinding. The dentist must fully understand the patient and their needs in order to choose the right treatment for their missing teeth.

    How long does the treatment last?

    The duration of fitting a prosthetic tooth into a titanium implant depends greatly on the quality of the insertion process, as well as on the maintenance plan. Even the best insertion will fail if there is not a suitable prevention plan in place. We recommend scheduling a check-up every four months to guarantee long-term oral health. Implants are more susceptible than natural teeth to inflammation and infection, and must be regularly monitored; any problems which arise around the implant are difficult to treat if not caught early.

    Will it hurt?

    Implant surgery takes place in a highly sterile environment; therefore, if the patient has been well-prepared, there should be no risk of infection or pain during the procedure. That’s why it’s important that the patient undergoes professional cleaning beforehand, ensuring the best possible result when it comes to the procedure, even without the use of antibiotics. Follow-up appointments are essential to ensure the tooth is healing properly.