What is gnathology?

Gnathology is a fairly new branch of dentistry which studies the physiology, pathology and function of the jaw (chewing, swallowing, speaking, posture).

It consists of an analysis of the relationship between the jaw, teeth, joints, muscles, and the nervous system controlling those muscles, including the tongue.

How can we help you?

Our experts can help you resolve the main issues relating to gnathology:

  • Tooth grinding: also known as bruxism, this is known as excessive movement of the jaw muscles. The most common type of grinding involves prolonged contact between the upper and lower teeth.
  • Jaw locking: this refers to a difficulty in opening the mouth due to locking of the joints.
  • Tinnitus: also known as a ringing or whistling sound in the ears. This can derive from tooth grinding.
  • Headaches: migraines and muscular headaches.

Required conditions that must be met in order to book an appointment with our gnathology specialist, Dr. Michele Ceschi: ensure that any issues are not related to an inflammatory mouth, gum, or tooth infection.

The first appointment must be carried out with Dr. Simone Kravos or Dr. Francesco Guadagno in order to diagnose and treat any issues which may interfere with your gnathology appointment. An appointment with our gnathology and postural specialist will be added to your treatment plan following any potential prior dental work.