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Have you ever woken up in the morning with bad breath? Or have bleeding gums while brushing your teeth?

Maybe yes.

Situations like this can become so ordinary that many label them as “normal”. You become conditioned, learning to live with these symptoms without ever questioning the cause. But is it helpful to brush over these issues? What could the long-term consequences be? Although commonplace, bleeding gums and bad breath can be red flags when it comes to your oral health. Your body is warning you that something in your mouth isn’t working the way it should.


There can be many causes for bleeding gums, some serious and some minor. The presence of plaque or tartar in your mouth, the use of an unsatisfactory toothbrush or incorrect oral hygiene, general poor health, hormonal factors, and high blood sugar levels are among the most frequent causes. Amongst these causes, however, is a long-term issue which can entirely compromise the health of your mouth: periodontal (gum) disease.


Periodontal disease is a deep inflammation of the gums which can lead to bone and tooth damage. It can cause bleeding gums and loose teeth. If ignored, it can lead long-term to tooth loss. Unfortunately, this problem is chronic yet hard to detect, often asymptomatic; because of this, most diagnoses are carried out too late, once the disease has already spread through the patient’s mouth.

“How can I tell I have gum disease? What can I do once I’ve been diagnosed? Is there a cure or am I going to lose all my teeth?”


Unfortunately, periodontal disease affects all parts of the mouth with very few symptoms, leading to the loss of many teeth at once. This lack of symptoms unfortunately impedes patients from understanding the gravity of the situation, stopping them from intervening quickly to resolve the issue.

Preventing and curing tooth loss as soon as the first signs of gum disease appear is the best, least painful and least costly way to take care of your mouth and maintain good oral health. Not all dental practices offer treatment for periodontal disease, with many offering only dental replacements with titanium screws. These are unfortunately more susceptible than natural teeth to gum disease, which is why this approach is much less reliable for patient health.

An efficient team must have a suitable number of dental hygienists specialized in treating periodontal disease through the development of a “causal treatment” plan. Tooth cleaning is carried out painlessly and accurately, using local anesthetic and innovative tools and technologies capable of efficiently cleaning even beneath the gums without damaging the tissue. A practice dedicated to the treatment of periodontal disease invests in the latest and least invasive technologies to deeply clean teeth and gums, obtaining the best results and guaranteeing long-term results.

Every day, Kravos & Guadagno dental practice helps patients win the battle against their dental discomfort, finding their smile again.


Although asymptomatic, periodontal disease can be both prevented and treated, but should not be ignored. An appointment at our dental practice is a great starting point; only an in-depth check-up will reveal whether or not you have gum disease whilst helping you pinpoint the best treatment for your needs. Ignoring gum disease drastically increases the long-term probability of losing all your teeth. Protect your smile with an appointment at our practice.


We’re Michela, Simone and Francesca! Welcome to Kravos & Guadagno, a multidisciplinary dental practice which offering professional treatments, cutting-edge technology, and integrated services for your oral health. We understand that a mouth with missing teeth – or with teeth which aren’t yours – can inhibit your life, both practically and in terms of morale. In these cases, making a rushed decision can lead to a complete change in lifestyle and routine. That’s why our team offers total professionalism and the cutting-edge technology needed to save and maintain each patient’s teeth, only considering removal when strictly necessary.

That is why our team provides all the professionalism and cutting-edge necessary in order to do everything possible in order to save and maintain proper teeth in the patient’s mouth, considering removal only if strictly necessary.

At Kravos & Guadagno dental practice you’ll find everything you need: 7 dentists and 5 hygienists available at all times (including all bank holidays and one Saturday a month). The services we offer and the technology we use render us a leading clinic in the heart of Trieste. We’re easy to reach by car and on foot, located just 10 minutes from the train station. Our practice also follows strict safety and anti-COVID measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Italian National Dentists’ Association.


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    I was miserable because my previous dentist had told me to remove three teeth. Luckily, Kravos & Guadagno also suggested alternative treatments which allowed me to save my decayed teeth. They suggested other solutions to improve my general oral health. I’m so happy to have found Kravos & Guadagno; they’re professional, serious, punctual, and take care of their patients and their patients’ dental health, with a focus on prevention.


    My family suggested I visit Kravos & Guadagno for a series of check-ups and for tooth reconstruction. I feel so much better now, after they fixed previous work done by other dentists. They are friendly and professional, creating a positive and clean environment. A complete service for every patient.


    Can gum disease affect titanium implants, too?

    Unfortunately, titanium dentures are more susceptible than natural teeth to periodontal disease, and should be more frequently checked and more deeply cleaned.

    Did you know that periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss?

    Often the first signs of gum disease go unacknowledged, and are diagnosed too late. But don’t despair: many patients undergo a deep cleaning of the periodontal pockets followed by a treatment decided by your dental expert. This way, your teeth regain stability, chewing function, and even bone support.

    What is the cause of periodontal disease?

    Periodontal, or gum, disease is a bacterial inflammatory disease which leads to the destruction of supporting tissues around the teeth. The cause of this disease is bacterial plaque, but there are other risk factors including: smoking, stress, and hereditary conditions such as diabetes. These can all influence and aggravate the source of the infection.

    How is periodontal disease diagnosed?

    The medical tests which diagnose periodontal disease consist of a file in which all clinical parameters are noted down. This ensures that your dentist can correctly diagnose the problem in order to form a personalized treatment plan and monitor the disease over time.

    How is periodontal disease treated?

    The treatment, also known as “root planing”, aims to remove plaque and tartar deposits from beneath the gums (responsible for the inflammatory process). At the end of each appointment, the dental hygienist will provide you with all oral hygiene instructions and tools (including brushing techniques, manual or electric toothbrush, dental floss) in order to promote correct and long-term oral health. It’s of vital importance that the medical practitioner emphasizes correct daily oral hygiene; this is responsible for 80% of the treatment success rate.