Biological or holistic dentistry is a new interpretation of dentistry based fundamentally on a sense of respect for natural ingredients and treatments. Holistic dentistry is founded on the principles of metal-free treatments, biocompatibility and toxicology. In light of these principles, but without negating the effect and validity of traditional medicine and dentistry, holistic dentistry is based on knowledge deriving from complementary practices, including homotoxicology, kinesiology and osteopathy. Holistic dentistry aims to provide a qualified evaluation of your dental issue, guaranteeing a holistic interpretation.

We collaborate every day with a qualified osteopath to resolve issues unrelated to the symptom itself, capable either of impeding or sustaining the healing process.

We use natural products such as tea tree mouthwash instead of chlorhexidine, as well as natural products with no preservatives or parabens.

For 8 years, Dr. Guadagno has followed the Clark Dentistry Method; Dr. Helda Clark is a private consultant and independent researcher across all aspects of human health, particularly concerning cancers.

She has followed a number of paths throughout her research, from the study of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi to the study of heavy metals, solvents, and radioactivity. The aim of her research was to discover how the cells of the human body react to these invasive substances, and has established a number of solutions to equip our bodies from unwanted guests. Clark has studied the use of herbs, essential oils, orthomolecular medicine and microcurrent therapy. Her research focuses particularly on the importance of oral health, as well as environmental factors.

For years, Dr. Guadagno has tested and implemented various materials and processes for dental treatments, checking for the presence of parasites or contamination, ensuring that any treatment does not interfere with the benefits of Clark therapy.