Dear patients,
You have always been our top priority, and we want to make you feel at home.

We have added a number of safety measures to the standard protocols

  • we have in place to guarantee your security at our practice:
  • – We will only let you into our offices when wearing protective shoe covers. – We’ve introduced next-generation technology to heighten sanitation and ensure hygiene and safety for patients and employees alike. At our practice you’ll see air purifiers with thin filters able to trap airborne agents up to twenty times smaller than coronavirus particles. These purifiers are constantly working throughout our practice and all offices.
  • – An avant-garde ozone generator works through the night to sanitize the practice. Many scientific studies prove that ozone immediately and efficiently eradicates viruses and microorganisms from the air and from surfaces, without releasing any dangerous chemicals.
  • – Our dental clinics are all completely sanitized after every appointment using a professional dry steam machine which disperses a powerful germicide into the atmosphere at more than 160°C. This is a certified anti-COVID machine.
  • – All staff at our practice follow the guidelines and use PPE as advised by the Ministry of Health, including single-use gowns, hair coverings and gloves, surgical and FFP2 masks and face shields.
  • – Hand sanitizer is distributed across all offices and waiting areas.