What is conservative dentistry?

Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry relating to the treatment of tooth decay and the removal of cavities resulting from the removal of enamel and of the decayed tooth using relevant tools.

The main objective of this branch of dentistry is to conserve compromised teeth.

Modern conservative dentistry is based on the concept of non-invasiveness, removing only the decayed tooth and replacing it with a reconstructed denture connected directly to the healthy tissue.

Over the past few years, silver dentures (which required retentive and therefore lengthy treatment) have become almost completely redundant in favor of composites (aesthetic fillings). Reconstructive materials, nanotechnology, composite inlays, next-generation adhesive techniques, flexible root canal tools: all of these methods promise excellent and highly predictable results.

What is endodontics?

The term endodontics refers to the branch of dentistry relating to treatment of the endodontia, i.e. the space inside the tooth containing dental pulp (consisting of cells such as odontoblasts and stellate cells from nerves and vessels). Endodontic treatment is recommended for lesions (stemming either from trauma or cavities) that have developed into irreversible abnormalities of the dental pulp, including necroses. This treatment can be undergone as soon as the tooth needs dentures or prosthetic reconstruction.

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