For those who suffer from periodontal disease, the biggest fear is often of losing teeth, as well as aesthetic and social problems such as bad breath, gaps, and misshapen teeth. When looking for a solution to these issues, patients often end up undergoing invasive and expensive surgery like tooth extraction and implantation using “artificial” titanium roots fitted using All-on-4 and Toronto Bridge techniques…

These generic treatments are often suggested without taking into consideration the individual needs and clinical history of the patient, let alone their expectations and wishes.

Because of this, patients are often left disappointed, with no other option than to remove their teeth.

Taking the time to meet the patient and map out the correct treatment plan allows for an accurate medical evaluation.

This treatment plan must be presented clearly, and must be fully understood by the patient before they decide to undergo irreversible surgery.

We sometimes meet patients who are not fully aware of the state of their oral health, and who therefore have different expectations from the plausible treatment options. Often, the treatments suggested to these patients are rushed and destructive, when a more attentive and scrupulous approach throughout the diagnosis phase could be less stressful and less invasive!

Saving your teeth is our main objective, and requires more technical ability than a simple removal and replacement procedure with bone-anchored implants.

Creating a reconstructive treatment plan which aims to conserve as many of the patient’s original teeth as possible requires a team of experts across the different branches of dentistry, each of whom highly specialized in the different phases of treatment.

Kravos & Guadagno Dental Practice in Trieste has applied a “PRESERVATION” method over the years which allows, where possible, for the preservation of the patient’s natural teeth. We use a conservative and non-invasive approach tailored to the patient, who ultimately shares our final objective.


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    In our practice, three key factors allow us to develop customized treatment plans: appointment times, data collection using next-generation equipment, and an understanding of the patient themselves. In collaborating with the patient and understanding their needs and requests, we are able to provide a suitable treatment plan.

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    Only by truly understanding the patient can we find the best solution to their issues! A full and accurate diagnosis allows us to find the ideal solution and understand how best to proceed, maintaining where possible the patient’s natural teeth. Technological advancements have allowed us to simulate your new smile, helping you understand exactly what you’re looking for.

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    A sturdy house needs good foundations! That’s why our first step is always to treat the foundations of your mouth, too; non-invasive gum disease surgery, tooth decay treatment, and the elimination of infection are all examples of procedures we offer, using the most painless technology available.

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    Now it’s time to reconstruct! Our rehabilitative prostheses will allow your mouth to regain function, comfort, and aesthetics. Because our treatments are all based on solid foundational work, you’ll be worry-free for years.

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    Finally, we design a personalized cleaning and hygiene regimen for each patient, aimed at maintaining oral health and guaranteeing long-lasting function.


  • – The patient’s time, thanks to personalized treatment plans which are as brief as possible.
  • – Access to treatment, making the whole experience as pleasant as possible.
  • – Payment methods to suit all patients.


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    This, and so much more, is the PRESERVATION METHOD. If you’re wondering the difference between this method and alternative treatments, here are just a few of the reasons to choose us:

    • – An elevated level of competence, and a multidisciplinary team, to help with each step of your prevention, using non-invasive techniques. Treatments are carried out within the practice, avoiding trips between dentists and simplifying the entire process.


    • – A 5-year warranty on all treatment carried out (when the correct maintenance procedure is adhered to).


    • – Advanced digital systems able to simulate your smile.


    • – Painless procedures carried out in a pleasant and welcoming environment.


    • – Quick execution, fully respecting both the patients’ and the staff’s time.


    • – Dedicated customer care.

    If you’re hoping to save your teeth, avoiding painful or expensive procedures, book an appointment at Kravos & Guadagno. We’ll craft the right preservation plan for you!

    For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 040 660040.