What is implantology?

Implantology refers to the replacement of compromised or missing teeth using titanium implants. Both single teeth (crowns) and rows (bridges) can be replaced using this method, as well as fitting removable dentures. After being fitted into the bone, implants need between 2 and 8 months to fully integrate (osseointegration).

How can we help you?

Modern implantology aims to reduce procedure time as much as possible. Our practice even offers immediate loading (i.e., fitting the implants and immediately connecting the tooth), but only for specific cases or when certain conditions are met. We are also able to help patients with low bone density, using surgical techniques that regenerate the bone with a bio-compatible material. Regenerative and mucogingival surgery like this allows us to reintegrate the tissue destroyed by the lesion, improving the aesthetics of the mouth even for patients suffering from receding gums.

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