Showing our patients the expected results of their upcoming treatment whilst simultaneously allowing our dentists to best define their treatment plan: these are the primary aims of a new digital system which allows us to plan and simulate aesthetic and rehabilitative treatments. This is all thanks to new orthodontic software which allows us to preview any aesthetic treatments to be carried out, based on a single photograph. Before changing the patient’s appearance in any way, we can first take high-resolution photos which allow the orthodontist and the technician to develop a treatment plan tailored to that patient’s smile. The second appointment then involves showing this preview to the patient, explaining the various details and understanding how to obtain the desired results before deciding whether or not to proceed. All this happens before any treatment is undertaken, and provides the patient with an opportunity to manage their expectations. This virtual rendering of the patient’s results, checking the alignment of the teeth with their lips and with the rest of their face, allows the patient and the dentist to evaluate the treatment plan together. This step plays an incredibly important role in the precise preparation of the work to be done, understanding the shape and size of their teeth, and ensuring all treatment is in line with the expectations of the patient. Thanks to this innovative new technology, you’ll be able to envision your new personalized smile, guaranteed to match your face.