Having a sparkling smile isn’t just a question of health, but an important social factor.

Those with brighter smiles are more confident and feel more comfortable both among others and in themselves.

How can we help you find your winning smile?

Every day we carry out aesthetic treatments to harmonize your teeth and gums. These treatments include: orthodontics, metal-free dentures (or metal-free crowns made with ceramic or zirconium-based materials), veneers, and tooth whitening.

Professional whitening treatments guarantee a more even tone to the teeth, without altering their structural characteristics, fully respecting the patient and their oral health.

After cleaning the teeth from tartar and other build-up, a whitening gel is spread onto the teeth, isolated from the gums by a protective barrier.

A whitening lamp is then pointed at the teeth for 15 minutes (first cycle). A specifically selected wavelength provokes a reaction in the hydrogen peroxide, causing it to release oxygen.

This oxygen enters the tooth enamel, changing the color of the tooth and leaving it a few shades whiter.

Following this, the gel is spread back over the teeth for a second cycle. Depending on the final color requested by the patient, the process can be repeated up to three or four times.

During the appointment, the patient’s eyes are protected by special glasses, which cannot be removed throughout the course of the session.