In March 2009, Simone Kravos and Francesco Guadagno met for the first time, both looking for a business partner. This meeting exceeded both of their expectations, and they formed a true professional connection which, in the space of just three months, would lead to the creation of their joint business venture: Kravos & Guadagno dental practice.

From a team of just 6 people – two dentists, two hygienists, and two assistants – the practice quickly found success, expanding over the years to collaborate with other dentists, orthodontists, children’s doctors, endodontists, reconstruction specialists, and oral surgeons and anesthetists. The number of hygienists grew to 6, ranging from experts in periodontitis and children’s dentistry to those specialized in aesthetic and whitening treatments. Finally, support staff and secretarial staff are growing.

Today our staff is made up of 25 people!

Leading the team and overseeing the general management of the practice is Dr. Michela Pocecco, who also manages Human Resources and has guided the practice through two renovations; the last of these was in 2018, when the practice was expanded across two floors.

Today, the practice is a business, Kravos & Guadagno Srl. It’s a young and vibrant company, competing with other clinics as well as larger Italian businesses in its sector.

The strength of a well-organized team.

Throughout years of substantial growth, Francesco and Simone have always shared a common goal: to build a practice where patients receive the best care from competent medical experts across different branches of dentistry. Creating this team of talented professionals has allowed us to establish an efficient, well-organized practice in which the needs of each patient come first. We respect your time; punctuality and promptness are fundamental to us.

3 personalities, one common goal.

Francesco, Simone and Michela, the three managers of the practice, have very different personalities, but are steadfastly united by one common goal: to offer a modern, welcoming dental practice which carries out treatments for all needs in a familiar and comfortable environment. We’re a well-organized team and we love what we do, often taking part in team-building and training activities to aid our constant growth. Training and team building projects. A life project and professional sharing, to always grow together, constantly improving.