Air polishing

This technique with fine powders uses a very fine-grained and minimally abrasive powder that is atomised in a homogeneous mixture of powder, water and air and allows the biofilm deposited on the various tooth and implant surfaces to be removed without damaging the structures. A quick and safe treatment that maximises patient comfort and enables a long-lasting reduction in bacterial load. Wisteria powder is therefore essential for the maintenance treatment of periodontal and implant patients.

Anaesthesia without a needle

The only system that allows anaesthesia by means of a very fine, linear beam that penetrates the dermis, without pain!

Ozone therapy

for the prevention and treatment of caries with maximum protection of dental tissue. It is also used to promote the healing of mucosal lesions, e.g. aphthous infections or oral and perioral herpes.

Laser therapy

The use of lasers in dentistry has numerous applications, such as the treatment of periodontal disease or “pyorrhoea”, the whitening of devitalised tooth elements and oral surgery.

Whitening with a lamp

A state-of-the-art chairside whitening system is used for outpatient teeth whitening. The sessions last a maximum of one and a half hours and the results are immediately visible.

Professional teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening can also be carried out at home using customised trays and professional whitening products.

Minimally invasive peri-implant surgery techniques

Minimally invasive surgical techniques are used in our outpatient clinic for sinus lifts, the expansion of thin bone ridges and other situations where there is little bone for the insertion of dental implants. This makes it possible to place dental implants in atrophic jaws with maximum comfort for the patient.

Piezoelectric surgery

Surgery for operations in the oral cavity and in implantology. The method consists in the use of ultrasonic scalpels in surgery, which enable an intervention with minimal tissue trauma, risks and discomfort for the patient, while at the same time achieving better tissue healing.

Aesthetic-functional digital pre-visualisation

Software that makes it possible to create a virtual therapeutic rehabilitation plan that is communicated to the patient before being realised in the mouth.